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Implementing Physical Ability Screens for the pre-employment process can be simple to do and provide an exceptional payback. However, it can also be politically volatile, causing a conflict between recruiting and safety. We help you navigate those turbulent waters by understanding your total business need and designing a client specific cost-effective program that meets all regulatory requirements. We believe there isn’t a single right solution – the right solution is your solution.

We Analyze Job Demands

Each job comes with its own set of physical requirements. ATP comes on-site to complete a job demands analysis, measuring and validating each job’s essential and non-essential tasks. The job demands analysis is the foundation for our Physical Ability Screens protocol, but also provides you the valuable information you need to ensure your job descriptions are accurate and will assist with your limited duty and return to work processes.

We won’t use generic job descriptions and your attorneys don’t want us to either.

We Test an Applicant’s Functional Ability

We develop Physical Ability Screens protocols based on the job applicant’s ability to complete the essential job tasks.   We do not test generic strength or capability.  We test the strength and cardio vascular challenge of job specific tasks, as well as confirm if the task can be performed in a safe manner.

There should never be a question in a job applicant’s mind on how a protocol step relates to a job function, either during the screen or if they later question their disqualification.

We Focus on Logistics and Cost

How a Physical Ability Screens is implemented logistically can determine if a payback occurs and how much burden is placed on recruiting. Our nationwide network of professionals allow you to place a screen site near each of your hiring sites, making the process simpler for you and your job applicants. Better yet, if you are in a high turnover environment with a standing onboarding schedule, we can conduct screens on-site as a part of that process, greatly reducing screen cost and time.

We Provide Leadership

We lead your process. From analysis through implementation and beyond, we make sure your program meets your operational expectations and regulatory requirements. We work with you throughout the process, helping you with things such as hiring practices, HR policies, and recruiting communications. We work with screen sites to make sure they are fully equipped and trained to provide consistent services. Once your process is in place, we provide ongoing quality assurance and management support services to assure operational and legal success.

We Measure Results

How will you know your process is working? Because ATP measures the results.  We use our own web-based program, ATPAuditor™, to monitor protocol performance including:

  • Total failure rate
  • Failure rate by screen location
  • Failure rate by protocol step
  • Failure rate by applicant demographic

We help you understand what the data means and how it will affect your recruiting process and injury risk.  Where needed, we can recommend adjustments based on the information gathered, assuring the program meets your total business need.

We Deliver Compliance

Throughout the process, ATP makes sure you’re complying with all relevant legal requirements, including EEOC guidelines.  We have one of the most qualified legal teams in the country who help educate our clients and guide our compliance efforts.  Plus, ATPAuditor™ monitors compliance in real-time.

Through the tens of thousands of screens we conduct each year, ATP has maintained 100-percent success in compliance. With no legal challenges in our history of providing comprehensive, compliant services, our commitment to getting it right is clear. It’s a commitment we bring to every client in every industry we serve.

Connect with us. We’re here to customize a simple, compliant, and cost effective Physical Ability Screens program that can deliver substantial savings.