Injury Prevention

Two Largest Contributors To Work Injuries Today

69 million American workers report missed days to illness each year from two major preventable health concerns:

Non-communicable disease


musculoskeletal disorders or msd



Injury Prevention

From workers’ compensation claims to general healthcare expenses stemming from frequent doctor visits, your company may be incurring more costs than desired. As a human resources professional or a purchaser within your organization, you are well aware of the significant expenses associated with supporting non-working employees.

Designing effective injury prevention programs takes time and specific knowledge of ergonomic design and mechanism of injury. Most Environmental Health and Safety Managers are time strapped dealing with the immediate problems on their work floors. Without proper attention to implementation and specific design these programs can be nonstarters.

Having a liaison to implement these programs can establish trust and help employees know you have their overall health in mind.

Musculoskeletal issues have emerged as the leading cause of discomfort and injury among American workers, affecting both physical well-being and productivity. From repetitive strain injuries to more serious conditions like chronic back pain, these ailments span a wide range of severity but share a commonality: they significantly hinder a person’s ability to perform at their best. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the average cost of a workplace injury stands at an alarming $43,000 per recordable incident. This figure doesn’t merely reflect medical expenses; it also encompasses lost work time, reduced productivity, and even legal costs.


Why choose us

When you work with ATP Industrial Solutions, you work with a team dedicated to understanding your business, learning your processes, and providing solutions that reduce injury.

When we work together to improve total worker health and well-being, you:

  • Invest in your employees’ health
  • Improve productivity
  • Create a better onsite culture
  • Reduce your total healthcare spend

How do we help you get there? By building a team that works full-time, for you.

A Full Suite Of Health Specialists

We combine best practices, provider competencies, and your needs to craft the most effective team for you. Your team can include worksite-specific Athletic Trainers, Registered Nurses, Massage Therapists, Medical Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and more. 

Staff Education & Training

A Certified Early Intervention Specialist™ (CEIS) gives worksite-specific application to trainers to design mobility programs, prevent issues from repetitive movements and minimize high-risk exposure.