The Cost of health care

The cost of health care to corporations is continuing to grow in America. Our employers can no longer focus on providing sick care insurance as the only option for employees who are injured on the job, sick, or disabled. A growing number of employers are taking a preventative approach to the cost by providing employee wellness programs. However these programs cannot only consist of token blood pressure screening and flu shot clinics. They must go further to stop injuries before the start and to increase efforts to educate employees on healthy choices inside and outside of work.

Data from a Duke University study (1) involving 11,700 individuals crossed referenced the individual’s body mass index and costs associated with workers compensation claims. The evidence was striking. There was a significant increase in costs associated with each step up the BMI scale as seen in this table below.



Normal BMI

Per Claim



Per Claim


Mildly Obese

Per Claim


Moderately Obese

Per Claim


Severely Obese

Per Claim


The fact 30% of the American population is in the obese category must take all employers aback at the immense cost.

However those employers taking advantages of work wellness programs, like the ones run by Accelerate Industrial Solutions, have seen significant direct and indirect cost savings including reduced work place injuries, reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, reduced employee turnover, improved customer services and loyalty, and improved recruitment.


Our Services

We work with you to design a solution that fits your needs – onsite, near-site and/or virtually. By partnering with us, you can give your employees and their families a better way to prevent and care for physical discomfort.


 You don’t have to be physically present everywhere to ensure the well-being of all your employees. Receive expert guidance, and benefit from injury triage services.

Personalized Job Coaching

After observing specific job tasks, our providers work with employees in one-on-one body mechanic coaching sessions to reduce the risk of injury while improving performance.

Workplace Injury Prevention

ATP staff works onsite with the team to review work methods, identify the root cause of the discomfort, and provide the employer ergonomic guidance.

On-site Therapy

Our clinics are within your four walls. By doing so, we make employee access easier (including family members) and speed the flow of information.

Enhanced Body Health

The majority of strain injuries stem from inadequate body health. Our program focuses on educating your employees to enhance posture and optimize movement patterns for both job tasks and daily life at home.

Safety Training

Our dynamic educational training is built around the distinctive needs of your workforce, delivering targeted injury prevention and health-based education.


Why choose us

When you work with ATP Industrial Solutions, you work with a team dedicated to understanding your business, learning your processes, and providing solutions that reduce injury.

When we work together to improve total worker health and well-being, you:

  • Invest in your employees’ health
  • Improve productivity
  • Create a better onsite culture
  • Reduce your total healthcare spend

How do we help you get there? By building a team that works full-time, for you.

A Full Suite Of Health Specialists

We combine best practices, provider competencies, and your needs to craft the most effective team for you. Your team can include worksite-specific Athletic Trainers, Registered Nurses, Massage Therapists, Medical Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and more. 

Staff Education & Training

A Certified Early Intervention Specialist™ (CEIS) gives worksite-specific application to trainers to design mobility programs, prevent issues from repetitive movements and minimize high-risk exposure.